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A Note from our Chairman

Welcome back!

Great news that we start the recovery of our walking programme on Sunday 4th October. Many of you have made private and individual arrangements to carry on walking but have all done so mindful of the health restrictions in force at the time. We have all missed the ability to walk with friends although since the ending of lockdown some of you have been able to get together and enjoy at least the company of others within the maximum allowed by regulations.

Although we may now look forward to going into some woods, we are not “out of the woods” in terms of being careful and responsible. Covid 19 has NOT gone away and so our new walks programme carries certain rules and procedures to ensure that we keep each other safe. It will be, I know, irksome to register for a walk in advance but this is needed to fit in with Track and Trace. A limitation to 18 walkers until further notice is so that we can operate safely as a maximum of 3 “bubbles” of 6. This is important because it will reduce the need for the whole group to have to isolate if someone in a “bubble” unfortunately turns out to have the infection. This means of course that everyone should maintain the two metre distance at the meeting point, except for those from the same household and bubbles must disperse separately at the end of the walk and resume social distancing from people in other bubbles.

This will all be difficult when we have not seen one another for so long but we must NOT be tempted to disregard these sensible precautions. We will of course review the situation if the Health guidance changes.

A quick look ahead to Christmas. You will see that we will be making changes there as we have looked to anticipate how matters will stand then. It will be walk first, then Christmas Lunch, and rounded off with our AGM which is being postponed from its usual October slot. Jenny will be sending full details as soon as these are finalised. Please bear in mind that I come to the end of my permitted three-year stint as Chairman and Jenny is retiring after a mammoth and incredibly energetic 8 years as Secretary. So, you need to start thinking about who will lead you into the next decade in what we hope will be the post –Covid era.


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