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Covid Update - 3rd November 2020

Please note that, as required by the latest Government Lock-down rules, our published programme of walks has been suspended until further notice.
This situation will continue until at least 3rd December.
What happens thereafter will depend entirely upon whatever subsequent limitations (if any) the Government imposes upon our personal mobility and interaction.
Subsequent limitations of some description, seem entirely possible.
The next scheduled Dorset Ramblers walk that might be allowed to take place, is on Sunday 6th December at Stourhead. This should be regarded only as a provisional ‘date in the diary’ for the time-being. If this walk can lawfully go ahead, we will aim to let everyone know and send more walk and meeting place details shortly beforehand.
Meanwhile, the previous ‘rule of six’ (under which six persons from different households could walk together) no longer applies. The new ‘one plus one’ rule now applies until at least 3rd December. It allows any one household to meet up with one other person only.
A ‘household’ means the people you live with. If you live alone it means you only.
For example:
i) a household group of two persons can meet up with one other person (only) and thus walk as a socially-distanced group of three.
ii) a person living alone can meet up with one other person (only) and thus walk as a socially-distanced pair (unless they are in a social bubble - see below).
iii) single adults who have established a social ‘bubble’ with another household (of whatever size) can regard themselves as being part of that household. Such household can meet up with one other person (only).
That one other person must remain socially-distanced from the household group.
Please note:
Social distancing means keeping 2 metres away from anyone who is not a member of your household. If circumstances make this impossible, you must wear a mask and / or face shield and always keep at least 1 metre away. (The ‘one metre plus’ rule).
A household group cannot meet their ‘one other person’ within any private house or garden. Such meetings must take place elsewhere and out of doors.
Life will, we trust, eventually get back to normal, hopefully sometime next year after a vaccine has become widely available. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and look forward to happy days out walking in the 2021 summer sunshine!

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