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Map Reading / Walk Planning Worshop

Some of you may remember that in April 2015 we held a very successful map reading / walk planning day at the Girls’ school with an ex-colleague of Jenny’s called Tom. He is a qualified leader who for several years headed the D of E programme at the school but has now moved into a teaching post at the primary school in Queen Camel. Jenny has seen him recently and he would be willing to do another ‘day’ for us, as long as it is over a weekend. We would now hold the learning session in a local hall or in one of our houses, then go out locally ‘into the field’ using our newly acquired skills. A pub lunch would be likely – last time we walked from Sherborne to Sandford Orcas. This workshop and walk would go onto the next programme but it would be helpful to know how many of you would be interested. Cost would be minimal – but it would be nice to give Tom a gift.
Please fill in the form attached with January Newsletter to register interest (places will be limited).

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