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September Newsletter 3/2019

Hi everyone,

 It’s been a good summer with some excellent walks incorporating also four successful events, a summer outing to Otterton, the Sculptures by the lake, the quirky visit to the Jigsaw factory and more recently the Tiverton Horse-drawn barge. Thanks to all the leaders - a lot of time, effort and planning has gone into this and we are still keeping up our high standards and variety on offer. We have owed much to Rosie’s organisation of the programme as Walks Secretary. It has been no mean feat to produce the programme time after time but her gentle chivvying of us has always produced the goods. Rosie steps down at the AGM but can look back with pride at a job well done.

The AGM of course is nearly upon us and another stalwart, James is stepping down as Treasurer. He has kept the books meticulously for a long time since Gloria’s retirement He too deserves our best thanks and I shall say more at the AGM. The Committee has looked at these key roles and will be recommending how these will be filled but at the moment it looks as if we will be looking to fill two committee places. It would be particularly good to see a couple of new faces on the Committee. 

This year’s AGM will be especially important as there are a whole series of new challenges and issues that we really need your views on. Jenny raises elsewhere in the newsletter one concerning the future of summer outings. However we need to review several other areas of operation which will see us fit for the next few years. These will be set out in detail for the AGM to debate and decide on. Please put 12 October in your diary. Everybody’s opinion matters.

Finally, I would just like to note the retirement from membership of our former Chair, Jenny Gooding. We remember her time as Chair with much affection. She steadied the ship after a little dislocation and put us on the even keel on which have subsequently built. We have missed the good humour that she (and Wilf ) injected and I hope that maybe there will be some social occasion that they might find their way to that we can thank her in person.

See you soon

David S.

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