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A Letter from our Chairman

Hi everyone,

I must have been tempting providence when I wrote in the September Newsletter last year, “Heat and humidity did slow the pace of some of our walks and occasionally took its toll on individuals. It was a salutary reminder of some golden rules: Carry sufficient water; Take a small snack to keep up the energy levels and don’t be embarrassed to miss out the afternoon session on a figure of 8 walk if you are feeling drained”. I am a seasoned and frequent walker and follow my own advice but, despite all that, I buckled without warning in the heat of Easter Sunday whilst I was sitting down for a drink stop. Thanks to the concern of Walk Leader, Liz B , Joyce and especially Jenny N  who followed me home in her car when I had recovered sufficiently to drive back from Portland, I was able to get cleaned up at Portland Museum even though I sensibly did  not try to go on to complete the walk . So be warned as we head into what we hope will be a glorious summer of walks.

We have had a very well-supported programme of walks for the first third of the year.  We have been well into double figures for most of them and no cancellations! My grateful thanks again to all Leaders who have helped Rosie put on such a great programme. However I must, without apology, repeat my concern that too many colleagues are having to lead on more than one occasion in a programme to maintain the one-a-week offer. The next programme accompanies this newsletter. If you have not led a walk for some time or are perhaps yet to lead a walk since joining, perhaps I can persuade you to look towards the winter programme for a date when you give it a go. Either I or another member of Committee will happily chat with you informally about where and when you might like to give it a go, ”Buddy “ you on a recce, and back you up on the day. My number is on the newsletter. Give me a call

Heaven forbid we see a programme with a Sunday marked “No walk today. No leader available”

On a more positive note I could not let the moment pass without paying tribute to one of our most longstanding and stalwart leaders, Liz Brokenshire who has been a leader for us and other local groups for many, many years. On our Easter Sunday walk Liz gently and kindly let Jenny and me know that that would be the last walk that she would be leading for Dorset Ramblers or any other group. Her walks have always been interesting, well-paced and from the days when I first joined at times quite challenging. I am not sure that we can accurately tally how many DR walks Liz has actually led. She has been a wonderful and inspirational asset to the club and I am glad that she will remain around to both walk with us and advise others as only she can. Thank you, Liz.

Thanks also due to Jo for I understand that the St.Ives HF trip went very well. As Margaret and I had to abort our ”Cyclades Adventure” after 3 days, through problems with the boat beyond our control, I am pleased that by contrast a good time was had by all down in Cornwall.

Finally, a mid-week special from me in early-August. A walk with a social outcome or an afternoon social visit to the JHG Jigsaw factory at Ashmore with tea and cake with an optional morning walk attached. See the details elsewhere in this newsletter. Hope as many as possible can join me there

Best wishes


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