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A Note from our Chairman - January 2019

Hi everyone,

So, another New Year and by the way subs are due if you have not already crossed the palm of the Treasurer with silver.

If you have made any New Year resolutions, how are they faring? I have restricted myself to two this time and I am backing myself not to break either.

Firstly, I shall spend time each week decluttering. Over the years I think we all accumulate more and more things which we hang on to in case they might “come in useful” or for which we retain a sentimental attachment even if it serves no other purpose. The time has come to be a bit more ruthless. Out with books I’ll never read again, old files and diaries and anything in the garage, shed or loft that has not been used for 12 months. Roll on the car boot sale, ebay , Charity shop and Freecycle!

Secondly, however much I am tempted, I shall never again recce walks unaccompanied. I am sure that I have done this once too often.  I have made a mental risk assessment; I am an experienced and competent map reader; most likely I know the terrain, even walked in the area before; checked the weather forecast of course. And yet the risk is always there.  One slip, one unexpected encounter etc etc. Being pragmatic, having a buddy along also can ensure that someone can step in as leader if on the day of the walk one is unable to get there for any reason.

The new programme with this Newsletter is once again an interesting mix of walks.  I look forward to joining as many as possible.  The committee has also been looking at how we might enhance the social programme and Jenny will be letting you have details as dates are tied down.

Finally, I know that you would all wish to join me in wishing Babs a speedy and full recovery from her Boxing Day fall. I know that she is champing at the bit to get out to meet with us again but she is wisely taking one day at a time.  I am sure we all hope it won’t be too long before we have the pleasure of her cheery company

Best wishes. 

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