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A Message from our Chairman - September 2018

Hi everyone,
After bemoaning the cold and wet winter and its effects on the programme last time, we have had a magnificent warm, dry summer and some excellent walks and outings. However the heat and humidity did slow the pace of some of our walks and occasionally took its toll on individuals. It was a salutary reminder of some golden rules: Carry sufficient water; Take a small snack to keep up the energy levels and don’t be embarrassed to miss out the afternoon session on a figure of 8 walk if you are feeling drained.
I am pleased that my appeal to newer members to come forward and join our merry band of walk leaders has borne fruit. You will find the names of Liz T. and Graham D. on the programme enclosed with this newsletter, leading walks for us for the first time. A huge thank you to them. Liz and Graham have both been frequent and enthusiastic walkers on the current programme. An organisation like ours only survives, as it has for over 70 years, by everyone taking a share in all the jobs that make our walking and social programme as varied as it is. Such active engagement is also what makes us attractive to new members and helps to regenerate the club. I hope to use this column to highlight the different inputs that members make so that we can all recognise and celebrate your contributions.

One contribution I wish to highlight here and now is the incredible amount of time and effort that our former Chair, my predecessor but two, Lynn H. has put in to maintaining and, of late, adapting our website. She has truly been an “unsung heroine”. At no cost to the organisation, she has spent hours on the website and throughout the last six months has met with a sub-committee of the Treasurer, Dave R. and me to look at suggested changes/improvements, some of which she has already put in place. Dave has accepted the role of our Data Protection Officer, under the GDPR arrangements and will be working closely with Lynn over future developments. I will say more on all of this at the AGM.
Of course, we are now close to the AGM, which will be preceded by a short EGM to adopt the Constitution that will guide our business for the foreseeable future. There’s lots more to discuss: Affiliation to Ramblers, Code of conduct, priorities for the coming year and an interesting guest, etc. I look forward to seeing you at Leigh Village Hall on Saturday 20 October.
My musical theme last time was “You’ll never walk alone”. This time, as I look forward to attending an evening with Roger McG in Dorchester, the obvious choice has to be the The Scaffold’s “Thank you very much”. Thank you to all the Committee who have been a joy to work with but an especial thank you to , Secretary , Jenny without whom…….

Best wishes
David S (Chairman)

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