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Tell us what you think........................................... when planning for future events, there are those that happen on an annual basis (such as AGM and Christmas Dinner) but DR has always been a social group of people and it would be helpful to us if you gave us some feedback on events you would like to see on the programme. Also, we do not want to raise the subs but it would be nice to have more in our ‘coffers’ so we can plan for the occasional loss making activity. Some events could also be fund raisers. Please fill in form at the end but think about the following;
• More day trips (coaches are expensive so this has to be well   supported)
• Dinner in pub or restaurant. How often?
• Speaker (such as travel, wildlife etc) with DIY supper in village hall.
• Evening outing to concert / film / theatre etc
• Bring and buy with tea

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