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The Wessex Ridgeway (WR)

One of our active members has suggested that we walk the Wessex Ridgeway and your committee decided recently that this would be a wonderful way to celebrate our 70th year. We did not want the normal pattern of Sunday walks to be affected and leaders to be pressurised into incorporating the WR into their walks, so we are proposing to add this to our programme as an extra and recurring option throughout the summer months, using weekdays rather than weekends. In order to ensure that we do at least the whole of the Dorset section, which begins at Ashmore and ends at Lyme Regis (approx 62.5 miles), we are proposing 4 stages, using two consecutive days each time. This means that we could book overnight accommodation to gain an early start on the second day and to be able to relax and enjoy a good evening meal together after the first. It will be possible for us / you to arrange for cars to be at either end, or share taxis to ferry us back to our cars. Of course, members would have the option of returning home after each day rather than staying overnight, or indeed just doing the odd section. This will all need to be refined further but please contact either Roey P or myself if you would like to know more and register interest by 28 February. There is also a form below. We can then suggest a date to meet up and form a ‘core’ to make detailed arrangements to suit those involved.
There is a very informative link for the Dorset Wessex Ridgeway, which we are basing our walk around:http://www.dorsetaonb.org.uk/assets/downloads/Explore/WESEEX_RIDGEWAY_TRAIL_GUIDE_LoRes.pdf . We hope to start the walk in May.
The Wiltshire section (70 miles) could be an aim for 2018.

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