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Corton Denham Walk 9th October

For our walk today from Dairy Houe Farm we were blessed with a fine dry day with hardly any breeze, perfect for walking. We were a select band of 7, augmented at lunchtime by Wilf joining us at The Mitre pub in Sandford Orcas. Our lovely new member, Diana Dryden, put me to shame when she asked what that name meant and I had no idea! However, she asked in the pub and the answer was given. It is the sandy ford In the manor of the Orescullis family of the 12th century, Orcas being derived from their name. There is a small spring at the lower end of the village, presumably where the ford was but I could not see it's name.


Lunch at the pub was voted "very good"as ever.

Having done 5 miles in the morning, the afternoon was an easy 2 back to the farm and a cup of tea with cake for those who wanted to stay. Thank you to those who came to support.


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