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First Aid & Calling Emergency Number

First Aid Kits on walks. We would like all leaders to be more proactive about ensuring that they have a First Aid Kit on their walk. All that we require is that each walk leader takes kit from the previous week’s leader if both on walk or to ring that leader and arrange to collect. If this proves too far to travel or the leader is away, then collect from the nearest person who holds kit or ensure that a kit holder will definitely be on your walk.

In case some walkers are worried about giving first aid during one of our walks, and are unaware that an act was passed last year, Sandra has researched the following advice from gov.uk which should give you peace of mind.

Giving First Aid

Following evidence to suggest that people were deterred from volunteering, helping others or intervening in an emergency due to worries about risk and liability, The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Act 2015 (SARAH) is now in force.

It provides reassurance that if something goes wrong when people are acting for the benefit of others or intervening to help someone in an emergency, the courts will take full account of the context of their actions in the unlikely event they are sued. (gov.uk)

Calling emergency numbers (999/112) on mobile phones

If your network doesn't have reception but another does, your mobile will show Emergency Calls Only. If no network has a signal, you won’t be able to make an emergency call. You don't need credit because emergency calls are free, and can also be made from locked phones. Both 999 and 112 provide the same service in the UK. However, 112 is also the pan European emergency number. (Info from various sites inc Red Cross)

Incidentally, thanks again to Sandra we have now also got pocket sized waterproof copies of the Ramblers Association first aid information, including the above emergency phone numbers. A copy will be placed in each first aid kit.

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